Jasvinder Singh

Mr. Singh is a serial entrepreneur, business executive and visionary with over twenty years of experience in technology innovation, spearheading key initiatives and directing the evolution of technical and business solutions from concept through implementation for a variety of clients. Mr. Singh is recognized for his strategic planning and vision, his "big picture" thinking, and implementation of technologies and project delivery around the globe across multiple industries; resulting in highly positive customer relationships. He has a passion to transform companies, mentor young entrepreneurs and devotes significant time to community service activities.

Mr. Singh has a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications and Masters of Technology in Electrical Engineering from the University of Delhi, Delhi College of Engineering. He conducted extensive research at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) under the guidance of professors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Cornell in the area of Networking Protocol and various real-time multimedia applications.

Mr. Singh’s previous ventures include serving as CTO and cofounder of Redmind, a Venture Capital funded company, where he was instrumental in building security based products, providing vision for the next generation technologies and acquiring the technology. Founder and CEO of Beyond Innovation, Inc., built multi million-dollar system integration practice to provide strategic services to Fortune 500 clients across the globe.

In 1999, at Sun Microsystems, he provided vision and was an architect for Video on Demand services, a forerunner to the Netflix streaming service. He pioneered early versions of streaming via IP and ATM technologies. In 2000, Built handheld device similar to iPAD. He provided strategic services to eBay, PayPal, Kaiser Permanente, Oracle, Intel and Big 4 consulting in the areas of finance, healthcare, system integration, Cloud and Big Data.

Mr. Singh’s Civil Service includes serving in 2010 on the Board of Directors (equivalent to City Council) for Mountain House, a planned community in San Joaquin County, California. While serving on the Board, he successfully helped to end yearly tax increases through increased efficiency, utilizing competitive bidding processes and streamlining financial planning.

Outside of his work life, Mr. Singh is engaged in serving humanity by supporting and promoting Spirituality and offering time and support to not for profit organizations. He is engaged in promoting the studies of Self-Realization, Meditation, Tao, and introspection of the Divine Qualities.

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