About us

There has been an upsurge of new concepts of treatment in recent decades. Words like "integrative," "Complementary," "alternative" and "holistic" now permeate not only in the health care field, but also in everyday discussion.

Sha Research Foundation conducts research on previous model of medicine, one which has existed in East and other cultures for millennia. The model is to combine physical and psychological treatment with spiritual practices. The power of soul as an adjunct healing modality to conventional standard medical treatment.

"The healing power of Soul". This paradigm has been common to almost all cultures and all religions. This power can be used in conjunction with any other treatment modalities and empowers health care professionals by providing new wisdom, knowledge and the extra ability to help clients. Soul healing practices can also be taught to clients to support and enhance their healing process.

Sha Research Foundation' team conducts the research on healing techniques utilizing Soul Power that are very simple, powerful and effective. These techniques can be used to heal human being at physical and physiological levels.

The results of our research studies indicate positive beneficial effect of Soul Power techniques on different diseases. We of course, always emphasize that Soul healing does not replace conventional health care, but is great complement. Case Study link comes here.

Our Mission

The mission of Sha Research Foundation is to bring about scientific proof of Tao Science, soul, spirituality, and its direct relationship and effects on the soul, heart, mind, and body in order to help humanity to heal, enlighten, and create a world of love, peace, and harmony.

Our Objective:

The objectives of Sha Research Foundation is to:

  • Create research through various networks and organizations that studies the effects of the soul, Tao, and Tao Science on the human body and other life forms.
  • Validate the theories of Tao Science through research.
  • Assist in showing new methods of alternative spiritual healing modalities to humanity that could assist them in their self-healing and enlightenment journeys.
  • To transform the consciousness of humanity and help science and medical treatments to study and incorporate the power of soul and Tao into their work and service.

Our Statement:

  • The Sha Research Foundation research is guided by principles outlined in the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (Canada, 2005).
  • The research team receives approval of the studies by Canadian and/or US Ethical Review Board (IRB).
  • We also adhere to principles outlined by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of European Union. Click Here
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