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Research Studies

The Research Project "The Miracle Healing Cases of Master Sha", Phase II is starting on January 1st 2018. We are currently accepting the subjects to the study.

The Research Project "The Miracle Healing Cases of Master Sha, Phase I has been successfully finished."

Research Conferences and Presentations 2015

Symposium, Institute for New Paradigm Research, Bagni De Luca, Italy, Feb 22, 2015. .

Research Conferences and Presentations 2016

Symposium, YMCA of Simcoe, Muscoka, Ontario, Canada, January 26, 2016.

2016 Aging in America Conference, Washington DC, USA, March 22, 2016 Click for ABSTRACT

Research Conferences and Presentations 2014

Symposium, Moga Centre, Sedona, Arizona, USA, November
11, 2014.


We are a California Public Benefit Corporation - a registered 501c3. Our objective is to provide educational and charitable assistance to the general public by offering research and teaching support for the techniques of the healing of the soul, mind and body.

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